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LUUMS are looking to add to our 2019/2020 exec with a new Fundraising & Sponsorship Officer. The successful candidate will become part of, and work closely with, the current exec committee, raise money for the society, take care of our sponsors and business partners and contribute to the way the society is run. 



We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the role: Anna Doherty and Tamzin Kraftman. 



VOTING IS NOW OPEN -  DEADLINE:  MONDAY 5pm - the results will be announced shortly! 



Tamzin Kraftman 




I’m Tamzin and I am running for the role of sponsorship and fundraising rep for the next academic year. I am a first year studying Music and have been a member of Sinfonia for the past year, and am one of the new managers for the upcoming year. I would like to go for the position for fundraising and sponsorship rep for next year, because I really enjoy working, communicating, and fundamentally helping other people, and I know that through this role I can really achieve that. I also really like the fact that through this role I would be making a big impact on LUUMS, as fundraising and sponsorship is what allows the society to really run effectively and ensures that concerts and socials can actually take place!

In terms of prior experience, last year I helped organise and run a charity event in association with Leeds Student Radio, and I thought that it was such an amazing and worthwhile experience. I had to help contact different charities, and organise certain elements of the event, and I certainly think that this is worthwhile experience for this role, as communication with charities, and outside businesses is such a key part of being the fundraising and sponsorship rep. I think in general, the biggest thing that I could give to LUUMS if I do get the role, is my enthusiasm and commitment to any tasks that I take on. As a result, I would like to think that this in turn would help me to do the best job possible and ensure that LUUMS, and its members are able to benefit as much as possible. 



Anna Doherty  




Hi! I’m Anna and it is highly likely you’ve never seen me before! I’m a first year French and International Relations student and I play the French Horn in the LUUMS Symphony Orchestra. Since joining The LUUMS Symphony Orchestra, I have tried to get involved in LUUMS as much as I can. Through both attendance at concerts and rehearsals, to attendance at socials and especially attendance to as many old bar jaunts as possible! As someone who doesn’t study music, it can be difficult to try and infiltrate a department as tightknit as music! However, since joining, everyone has been extremely friendly, and, it is these things that have made me realise that I thoroughly enjoy being a part of LUUMS and therefore feel it is my duty to contribute to LUUMS next year by helping out on the exec.

Following the AGM where no one put themselves forward for the role of fundraising and sponsorship, I thought about it some more and reread the description and decided that I might have some of the qualities needed in order to successfully carry out the role. As someone who rarely stops talking, I think that communication could be one of my greatest assets to the role, in maintaining relations with current sponsors like revs and royal park pub, to ensuring we get new ones on our side.

In addition to this, I think it’s important to engage and chat to new freshers to let them know what’s going on in LUUMS and also to chat to alumni and friends of LUUUMS to keep them in the loop. As former chairperson and treasurer of my scout group, I was often involved in fundraising for trips and in writing to companies to secure funds and donations for our unit. In addition to this, I am someone who finds it easy to talk to new people and communicate well. These skills enable me to put my point across in any situation. I believe these are essential skills for the position of fundraising and sponsorship. These are just some of the reasons why you should vote for me for fundraising and sponsorship.




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